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Actress Bai Ling goes completely naked for Halloween

We’re used to celebrities going completely and utterly all-out with their Halloween costumes – and then there’s the likes of, er, Bai Ling .

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The Lost actress wore a Star Trek costume, as well as a cape and a onesie (nope, us neither) – and then decided to strip off mid photo-shoot and reveal that she has NO undies on altogether under her varying get-ups. Why? We have no idea whatsoever. With the likes of Heidi Klum and Kylie Jenner going all out with their Halloween costumes, it’s really time to step it up a notch, Bai. Have you heard of prosthetics? Or fake blood? Or were you actually aware that it was Halloween at all? While Heidi dressed up as Jessica Rabbit , complete with prosthetics, Kylie Jenner dressed as a samurai – and looked flipping gorgeous.

Nope, this isn’t going to cut it, Bai.

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