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Ta-Ta Towel ashley graham

Ashley Graham and her sister Try Ta-Ta Towel in a cheeky new video

Ashley Graham is never one to shy away from sharing what it’s really like to be a curvy woman, so it should come to no surprise to her fans that she is the latest celebrity to try out the viral Ta-Ta Towel.

Ashley Graham Ta-Ta Towel Video

The 30-year-old model and her pregnant sister Abigail proudly donned the $45 bathroom accessory, which wraps around the breasts to eliminate underboob sweat.

ashley graham hot, ashley graham Ta-Ta Towel

ashley graham hot, ashley graham Ta-Ta Towel

The product is designed to keep women’s breasts dry while they get ready in the privacy of their own homes, but Ashley couldn’t resist filming the moment.

The clip, which was later shared on the Ta-Ta Towel Instagram page, shows Ashley and her sister giving their chests a little shake while showing off the contraption.

The Ta-Ta Towel comes in various colors and patterns, but Ashley and Abigail opted to wearing matching black and white versions of the design.

ashley graham hot, Ta-Ta Towel

ashley graham hot, Ta-Ta Towel


Ashley topped off the look with black leggings and socks, while Abigail had on cuffed jeans and sneakers.

Unsurprisingly, the break-out brand was thrilled to see Ashley and her sister trying out the product.

‘The #SisterShake! Get it girls! We love @theashleygraham and her sister shaking things up in their #TaTaTowels! This is so surreal, life = made!’ the company captioned the video.

Of course, Ashley isn’t the only famous face to rock a Ta-Ta Towel in recent months.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom took to Instagram last October to share a photo of herself modeling the same black and white patterned Ta-Ta Towel that Ashley and her sister tried out.

‘I am thrilled with my @tatatowels purchase and how well it goes with the hairstyle for the scene I’m shooting today. THIS frau is keepin’ it classy and dry!’ she wrote.

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