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blac chyna pregnant

Blac Chyna strips for cast of her baby bump on Rob & Chyna Video

Pregnant Blac Chyna left little to the imagination as she stripped off on Sunday’s episode of Rob & Chyna to get a cast of her boobs and baby bump. The 28-year-old video vixen also showed off her famed curves as she twerked in a thong bikini in her mansion’s swimming pool, as her two naked pals slapped her butt playfully. The latest episode of the E! show kicked off with Rob Kardashian, 29, telling the cameras that things between them had greatly improved.

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Pregnant Blac Chyna Naked Photos

Things have been going great for Chyna and finally I am getting to a place where I am ready to move back in with her,’ he told the cameras. The pair then opened up a string of baby gifts for their daughter before she told him she wanted him to move back in. ‘Rob has been working on himself, the baby is on its way and it is exciting to know that we are gonna be getting everything together before the baby comes,’ she said.

blac chyna pregnant

Rob told her that he was trying to ‘get healthy’ and he now understood it was a lifestyle he had to lead for the rest of his life. Chyna was helped by her twin blonde friends as she got an upper torso cast. They also jumped naked in the pool and watched as Chyna twerked. Chyna and her gal pals also took turns touching their posteriors.

Kardashian family friend Jonathan Cheban met Rob for the first time in four years before they and Kris Jenner met with Rob’s nutritionist. The doctor then did blood tests so he could tell Rob what was going on with his body and sugar levels and found that his health had improved significantly. ‘Rob has been taking care of himself a little bit better, watching what he eats, doing some exercise and the numbers have come back down to where it is like any other normal person, this is great news,’ said Kris. Rob told Chyna that he was now free of diabetes and it was the best news he’d received all year next to her being pregnant.

blac chyna stripping

‘China and I need a new start and getting a house together would be a fresh start where we are each on equal terms and I can prove to her that I am back on track,’ said Rob. Chyna grew sad when her best friend Paige started packing up her stuff to move out of the house. ‘I don’t want to be lonely in a house with a baby,’ Chyna told her. ‘The reality of Paige moving out and Rob moving in is really getting to me. I can always rely on Paige and I know sometimes I cannot rely on Rob. ‘What if Rob moves in, nothing changes and he goes back to his old habits, what happens then? It stresses me out, its crazy,’ Chyna said. China told Rob about her fears and worry about Paige moving out. ‘You should be happy that her life is going in a good direction and that you are helping with that,’ Rob told her.Rob then took Kourtney to a business meeting about a potential streetwear clothing line he has been in discussions about for four years.

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