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Bleona Dishes Comes on the American Music Awards Nude dress

You call it insane, she calls it haute couture!

Global pop star Bleona worked one of celebrity lane’s boldest takes a gander at the 2014 Amas in Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 23. However while her totally transparent dress, edited by just a thong and a couple of pasties, may have struck a few as hazardous, the Albanian recording craftsman who likewise stars on Bravo’s Euros of Hollywood—basically named the gown as “overwhelming.”

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“It’s a haute couture dress from Shahla Dorriz,” Bleona, 29, only lets us know Weekly. “It was truly sewn on my body [starting] at 10 a.m. What’s more it took, in the same way as, five hours. They put the string and everything with needles on my body, so thank God I cleaned up before they came!”

To the naysayers, all Bleona needs to say is, “Do you think I purchased that in Target? It’s haute couture, child!”

Not to say she doesn’t completely comprehend why some individuals may have a few assumptions on her almost naked look—including her mother and father! “They aren’t leaving their loft. They would prefer even not to turn out today,” lets us know. “However I’m similar to, ‘Man, this is great. This is great.’ And they’re similar to, ‘What do you mean? You were stripped yesterday!’ I’m similar to, ‘It’s fine. Trust me.'”

Of course, she concedes, the netted marvel wasn’t so agreeable it is not possible take a seat inside the Nokia Theater while wearing. By and by, “Toward the end of the day, it was lovely,” Bleona says.

What’s more one major celeb fan concurred: Jamie Foxx. “Jamie was similar to, ‘Gracious, my God, my young lady! How about we go, we should do this! You’re stunning!'”

To hear more from Bleona, tune into Bravo’s Euros of Hollywood on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.


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