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Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan studied

Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan studied to convert to Islam

Tensions simmered between the duo in the house. And Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan has further fueled her feud with Page 3 icon Sam Fox since her departure from the house on Friday. The 25-year-old X Factor reject took to Twitter to share a full-frontal shot of Sam, 50, with her 80,500 followers after seeing footage of the legendary star blasting her for shocking scenes in which she stripped off and danced on a pole.

Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan


Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan studied

Chloe’s behaviour on the Channel 5 show was widely-discussed as she developed a relationship with the house’s most controversial star, Stephen Bear. The pair frequently enjoyed steamy snogging sessions much to their co-stars’ chagrin.

One housemate particularly irked by Chloe’s behaviour was Sam, who was left astounded by Chloe’s racy strip show in front of Bear alongside fellow wild child stars Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor.

The distraught quinquagenarian headed to the diary room in a fit of tears to air her grievances to Big Brother, saying: ‘Call me a prude, well I am. I don’t like seeing it, the reckless behaviour, the throwing of cakes, the mess they leave.

‘They’re so selfish, so inconsiderate, very unpredictable. It makes you very tense, seeing her swinging around that pole topless – that ain’t a glamour model.

‘My pictures weren’t sold on the top shelves, my pictures were in a family newspaper.’ The pictures in question were Sam’s many topless shoots dating back to the 1980s – although she is insistent her shots were ‘art’.

Having left the house, Chloe undoubtedly saw the footage leading to her furious Tweet in which she shared in image from Sam’s modelling days while adding the caption: ‘JUST SAYING *bearvoice* #samfox #cbb.’

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has been shrouded in controversy, with rumours circulating that Chloe and Bear enjoyed a steamy romp in the toilet after moans were heard through their microphones.

Further shock scenes saw Chloe re-enact her webcam auditions for Bear, waggling her bottom at her leering love interest, who enthused, ‘Oh my god you’re so fit’, before encouraging her to simulate a sex act on a water bottle.

After a few drinks at a party later that evening, the pair really let loose, going wild with the chocolate fountain in a scene which left viewers cringing.

Bear was then seen licking Chloe’s bare breasts in full view of their housemates which led to stunned responses both in and out of the house.

Viewers took to Twitter to reveal their disgust at the explicit scenes shown, with one social media user raging, ‘Bear and Chloe ….. Disgusting #CBB #notacelebrity #minging’.

Former CBB star Chloe Goodman was also shocked, commenting: ‘I feel physically sick what have I just witnessed @bbuk #cbb’.

‘As soon as I saw that chocolate fountain I knew what she’d b up to #cbbchloe #CBB2016 #vile’, one viewer joked, while another wrote, ‘I actually cant watch Chloe and Bear anymore, they are taking things way to far now, its beyond cringe #CBB #CBBBOTS #BBBOTS’.

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