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Demi Rose in bikinis photos

With her flawless skin, big brown eyes and petite yet curvy figure, she’s a double for Kylie Jenner. And it seems it’s not the first time Tyga’s new girl Demi Rose Mawby has caught the eye of a rapper.  DailyMail.com has unearthed a music video featuring the racy British model, who also lived as a club girl in Miami.


 Demi Rose in bikinis

Last year the British beauty briefly appeared in DJ Khaled’s video for How Many Times, which featured twerking models covering one another in champagne. And before she built up her profile as an Instagram star – Demi has gathered an incredible 2.2m followers with her sexy posts – she was a part of Taz’s Angels. While the ‘Angels’ Instagram page shares details of a series of club promotion gigs, it’s unclear how they otherwise make their money.  Taz, born Michael J. Williams, was formerly a former record producer, whose most well known track was Khia’s infamous 2002 hit My neck, My back.  He later reinvented himself, and has been described as the ‘black Hugh Hefner’. One ex-member of the Angels is Iesha Crespo, who has gone onto to star in Drake’s music videos and the HBO show Ballers, according to the Miami New Times. Taz also has links to models such as Amber Rose, with whom he has previously been pictured. Rose is the best friend of Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna. Demi herself left the group last November, telling Snapchat followers she had decided to return to the UK to take care of her elderly parents. The 21-year-old makes no mention of Taz’s Angels in her biography on her personal website.  Instead she explains how she makes a living as a lingerie model, writing of how her career is a dream come true. ‘Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a model,’ she wrote on her website. ‘I loved being in front of the camera and stroking a pose. Now, my dream is reality.’   A petite 5ft2, Demi says she had thought she was too short to become a model. But encouraged by her success online she contacted an agency. ‘I love what I do and feeling glamorous and I love creating beautiful images to be proud of whilst treating my fans,’ she writes.

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