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Emily Ratajkowski poses topless

Emily Ratajkowski poses topless shoot to protest Donald Trump

It has been the catch cry of many taking to the streets in protest and their cries were echoed by the model. On Friday night, Emily Ratajkowski took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the election results. The 25-year-old London-born American star posted a picture of herself wearing just a nude thong and wrote ‘my body, my choice’. The phrase has long been used by the pro-choice movement to support a woman’s right to have an abortion.

my body, my choice


Since audio of President-elect Donald Trump was released in which he said as he was a star he could grab women by the ‘pussy’, the phrase has also been used as a demand for respect for women and a protest against rape culture. Posting on Instagram stories, the model covered her chest with her hands and held on to some flowers with the phrase written at the bottom of the snap. Emily had made her feelings on Trump’s win clear on Wednesday morning, posting just a black Instagram. While she wrote nothing, the post led to over a thousand comments with many being critical about the star.

emily ratajkowski topless photos

emily ratajkowski breasts

Emily, however, is one of the few celebrities to come out and tell their fans to not brand those who supported Trump stupid and suggest that the Democratic Party look at its role in the loss. She said in a series of Tweets: ‘Can we please stop calling Americans stupid? Maybe we need to start providing better OPTIONS. ‘Politics have become something the population feels belongs to some elite group of people who are just interested in “that kind of thing”.  ‘In fact, politics are for everyone–they impact us all! When people feel disinterested in politics that’s a bad sign about the government. ‘Not about the population. Democracy works when candidates really represent the interests of the people.  ‘Ppl dismissing other ppl as stupid is how the media missed Trumps ascension and how the DNC lost its electability.’

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