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Female Student Collapses After Having Sex With Her Landlord

A secondary school girl, Racheal (real names withheld), gave residents a scare after she collapsed in the passage of her parents’ rented apartment in the Fadeyi area of Lagos in broad daylight. It was gathered that the 14-year-old girl almost died after she passed out a few minutes after being allegedly raped by her parents’ landlord, identified only as Mr. Christopher. The prompt response of residents of Fasanya Street, where the incident happened, averted a tragedy. Surprisingly, among those who came to her aid was the rapist Mr. Christopher, who pretended as if nothing had happened between them.
However, the landlord was said to have been arrested by policemen from the Alakara division after the girl confessed to her parents what had happened between she and the landlord.

Racheal, an indigene of Ugelu, Delta State, said her ordeal started the day she ran an errand for the landlord, who hails from Imo State, while her mother was away from home.

She said, “He has rap*d me three times. The first time was late last year when he asked me to buy him N10 sachet water. I bought the item and took it to his room, but he locked the door and pushed me to the bed. He pulled off my pants and I shouted for help.

“He said he would kill me with a knife he had kept on the table if I didn’t shut up. He then brought out a black and white cloth, which he used to cover my mouth.

“He brought something which he rubbed on my private parts and his own as well. After he finished, there was blood everywhere. He brought water and said I should wash the bloodstains on my clothes. He gave me N100 to buy a drug to reduce my pain. He said I should not let my parents know that he had deflowered me. He said if they noticed, I should lie that it was a classmate that did it.”

The  Junior Secondary School student said the following day the suspect sneaked to her parents’ apartment and demanded the pants she wore the day he deflowered her.

“I asked him what he wanted to do with it; he said he only wanted to see it. I gave it to him, and he took it away. The following day, he returned it to me and said I should make sure I wear it.

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