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Georgia Kousoulou talks marriage plans and setting up home with Tommy Mallet

Fans of TOWIE have seen their love blossom since they first struck up a romance on the show in 2014. And it seems that while the Georgia Kousoulou is happier than ever with Tommy Mallet the couple are in no ‘rush’ to dive into marriage – although it is on the horizon. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the 25-year-old reality star explained that moving into their new home has allowed the two love-birds to just enjoy being together.

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Sitting down for a chat following the launch of her ByGeorgiaK clothing range, the ITVBe favourite revealed that Tommy and herself are ‘taking in things’ before making any plans. ‘I think he is going to propose soon, but I think right now we love being together – and having moved in we’re just taking it all in.’ And thinking about their future together, she made it clear that she wanted marriage to come about in a natural manner.

‘I would HATE to rush things,’ she explained, adding: ‘I would hate him to feel that he needs to put a ring on my finger. I really just want it to happen naturally.’ But now so more than ever the couple are happier than ever, having moved into a place of their own in Essex. ‘We’ve moved in and we’re all settled. It’s really amazing, I’m learning stuff all the time,’ Georgia excitedly said of her new life at home with Tommy. Though she added she’s changed since the loved-up couple have ensconced themselves in their new nest. ‘I haven’t cooked yet, but I’ve noticed a change in myself,’ giggled the star. ‘I would usually go clothes shopping before, but now I find myself going mad for furniture! ‘That’s not normal! I’m absolutely out of control, they haven’t given me enough space for everything I’ve bought.’ And despite the drama that continually dogs the cast of TOWIE, it seems that nothing can disrupt the couple’s happiness as their home is now their own retreat.

Gushing about the couple’s life at home together, she exclaimed: ‘Oh my God, it’s so nice. It’s almost like a little getaway, you can just sit down on your settee and be at peace. It’s really nice.’ Though she said she has been practicing for when the couple tie the knot, saying she’s ‘learning to be a good wife’. ‘I’m just learning to be a good housewife, and I think I’ve taken to it really,’ Georgia said, before laughing at her own houseproud compulsions. ‘I’ve even started cleaning I’m literally doing everything, every day,’ she giggled in disbelief. ‘I just can’t stand mess.’ But with the cast from TOWIE flying off to film the latest series 19 of the show over the next few weeks, Georgia is certain that the couple won’t let any drama come between them.

‘I just couldn’t have it,’ she replies when quizzed about the notorious bust-ups that the other couples have had on-screen. But it seems she thinks one other couple have got it in them to stay the course, as she explained Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna have followed her and Tommy’s example and have stuck together. ‘Do you know what I think they’ve done really, really well,’ she said of her loved-up co-stars. ‘It is hard [being a couple on the show]. ‘It’s so hard being on a really show and being in a relationship. I take my hats off to them, because I know how tough it is.’ Comparing her own experience being in a relationship on TV to theirs, she added: ‘Luckily me and Tom have never had any of that, maybe when we first got together, but I think that we’ve dealt with everything so well that we can’t be broke. ‘They’ve kind of done the same thing – you’ve got to show you’re strong.’

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But Georgia isn’t content to just split her time between the show and home, as the multi-talented businesswoman has just added another string to her bow. Releasing her ByGeorgiaK collection on Tuesday night, the Essex beauty has set her sights on creating a truly personal brand that she can be proud of. Speaking of her desire to create something unique, she explained: ‘I never wanted to put my name to just a random range, you know off the peg random stuff. ‘There’s nothing wrong with that, but I really wanted to wait for an opportunity where I could sit down with a team and design it.’ And though the process has taken ‘months and months’, Georgia has high-hopes, and even admitted she’d love to have a crack at reaching the dizzying heights of a show at London Fashion Week.

‘I mean why not! You’ve got to aim high,’ she replied when asked if she could see herself at Fashion week in the future. She added: ‘I know it’s kind of unrealistic, but then I think it’s not because years ago I would never have imagined being here with my own brand. ‘I think I could do that, and I would really love to do that. You never know, but Tommy with his shoes.’

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