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German teachers allowed party & jarly was there naked

German teachers allowed pupils to get lap dances from stripper at graduation party – after they were told 33-year-old Jarly was there to talk about equal rights Footage shows stripper climbing onto lap of a secondary school student Pupils at Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich hired her for end of school party They told teachers she was coming to give a lecture about equal rights

  • The students watched her perform the naked photos:

A group of students hired a stripper for their end of school celebrations after telling teachers she was there to perform a talk on equal rights. In Germany school pupils who finish their secondary school education are typically allowed to indulge in organising wild parties including celebrations at the school.

And the students at the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich were no different after claiming that 33-year-old Jarly was coming to give a lecture about equal rights. Now, she is offering online sex advice thanks to her new found fame.

  •  naked show photos

After welcoming the pupils and starting to talk about the relationship between teachers and pupils, she invited some of the students onto the podium where to the delight of the audience she started to strip off. Teachers decided to allow the woman to finish the show, as all of the pupils were technically adults and therefore it meant there were no children in the room.

But after it was videoed through a window the footage and clips from the unorthodox classroom lecture quickly went viral. The dancer was videoed climbing almost naked onto one students lap and pushing his face between her breasts, and then wrapping herself in a blue towel to remove her underwear. Now she has a YouTube channel dedicating to offering advice about relationships and called “all about sex”. And no subject is too much – ranging from partner swapping through to penis length, sex toys, dirty talk and pornography. She said: “I want to spice up the sex lives of the people looking at my YouTube channel. “It is also important for young people who will hopefully be able to start enjoying sex sooner than otherwise.”

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