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Holly Hagan shows off incredible weight loss in skimpy blue bikini

Holly Hagan nude blue bikini

After flaunting her staggering three stone weight loss on social media she shocked fans when she sported a curvier figure in Australia in February. But after confessing she ‘let herself go’ on holiday, Holly Hagan has slipped back into the same bikini to show off her new toned physique. Hitting the beach at The Resort Groupís new Melia Dunes Hotel in Sal, Cape Verde, the 23-year-old reality star showed off the amazing transformation she had made in just a month as she flaunted her new incredible figure.

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Showing off her surgically enhanced assets in the skimpy top, Holly flashed her ample cleavage which was barely contained in the scanty material. Adjusting her bikini bottoms, the starlet also exhibited her perky posterior, which was looking far more toned . Holly recent decided to take a 21-day eating and workout challenge after putting weight on in Australia.

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Her decision to answer back to body-shamers follows a post on her Instagram page that compared a recent mirror selfie with a beach snap from Oz six weeks ago, which some considered a poor representation of the change. Explaining her decision to share the snapshots, Holly said: ‘I get accused of everything when I lose weight, so this time I thought I’d remove one of the most common suggestions from online trolls, that being I have all my images airbrushed. ‘I hear it hundreds of time a day, “you airbrush your photos” “look how bumpy your legs are from bad airbrushing”. If I was going to airbrush my photos I’d at least have my legs made not bumpy! That’s just my legs!’ The starlet also told MailOnline earlier this year how her Twitter feed has been deluged with people commenting on her appearance since she found fame on Geordie Shore four years ago.

‘All the comments I was getting, 90 percent of them were about my weight and were commenting on how I was fat, or how I was ugly,’ she said. And it wasn’t just online that she had to deal with abuse. ‘I get comments on the street, when I’m with my parents – it’s beyond a joke and it’s really, really upsetting,’ she said. She revealed that the trolls inspired her to overhaul her diet and lifestyle and she dropped four dress sizes, plummeting from a size 16 to a slimline size eight through healthy eating and exercise.

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