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joanna krupa topless
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Joanna Krupa Nude : Joanna Krupa has posed nude for a new ads for PETA

Joanna Krupa has posed nude for a new ads for PETA. The 36-year-old former Real Housewives of Miami and Playboy star is a dedicated advocate for animal rights and now is covered only in black and white body-paint to mimic the appearance of a killer whale.

With her long blond tousled hair left to hang loose, the Dancing With The Stars alum called for a ban on Orcas being kept in captivity in the video.

Her pretty facial features are emphasised with contoured cheek-bones and a smokey-eye as she poses in a giant fishbowl emblazoned with the logo: ‘Captive Orcas: Sad. Lonely. A Long Way From Home’.

Her chest and taut tummy are painted white, with a black outline framing her curvy shape and covering her arms and hands.

Speaking on the video, the Poland’s Next Top Model star expresses her concern: ‘These animals, they’re in prison their whole life.

‘I can only envision and feel the pain of these animals being stuck in a tiny aquarium, because normally orcas … swim 100 miles a day,’ added the 5’7″ beauty.

She’s also seen behind the scenes being prepped for the shoot and being sprayed with the covering.

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joanna krupa topless

joanna krupa body paint

Orcas are trapped inside extremely small tanks at SeaWorld and Joanna stresses the cruelty of holding these majestic animals captive in the most jarring way she could.

Orcas in the wild live in pods, which are bonded groups of up to 30 orcas that travel together for their entire lives. The complex social structure of orcas makes their isolated existence at SeaWorld even more depressing.

Watch Joanna’s exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation with PETA about her inspiration and passion for speaking out against SeaWorld and supporting an end to orca captivity.

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