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katy perry topless

Katy Perry Shows Her Boobs On Naked

This naked photos of Katy Perry appears to be from an advertisement for either high heel shoes or Valtrex (unless of course in the next frame the Aflac duck pops his head out of Katy’s vagina).

Katy Perry Nude

katy perry nude

Regardless of the product being sold the message being conveyed in this Katy Perry naked picture is clear, dirty whores love getting nailed in high heel shoes.

Katy Perry may feel sexy and saucy laying around naked in high heels, but she’ll wish she was wearing more practical footwear if a righteous Muslim man with his mighty stones of justice catch sight of her.

katy perry naked

This leaked Katy Perry nude proves two things. The first is that whorish female celebrities will simply not stop photographing their sinful naked bodies, no matter what the risks. And the second is that righteous Internet crusaders will continue to obtain these photos and leak them to the world, thus exposing these celebs for the brazen harlots that they are.

No word yet if this Katy Perry leak includes even more nude photos, or if this is the start of a second “Fappening” in which a whole new series of celebrity nudes will be leaked. However, what is for certain is that “The Fappening” will never truly end so long as there are women, cameras, and a complete lack of Islamic virtue in heathen Hollywood.

katy perry topless

Pop star Katy Perry lays naked on her bed in the scandalous photo above. This naked photo proves that not only is Katy Perry a tremendous whore, but she is also extremely lazy.

It is hard to say which is the more offensive part of this Katy Perry naked picture, the exposed sinful female sex organs, or the fact that Katy is neglecting her chores. However, one thing is for certain this Katy Perry nude proves that when left to their own devices women are nothing more than immoral layabouts.

katy perry boobs

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