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Married Professor Caught Having Sex With Student

On Monday 25th of Jan, a 24-second video was posted to Snapchat of an alleged University of Arkansas criminal justice professor having séx with a student over his desk. The clip circulated through Twitter, and students seemed to be in agreement that the man in the video is a University of Arkansas professor.As far as stories in Fayetteville go, this is easily the biggest story on campus right now. So who is the man being filmed? We can’t confirm anything, but Twitter seems to pointing heavily in the direction of Bo Nalley whose name also appears on the video in question. So while we can’t confirm whether or not the man in the video (which we’ve seen) is actually Bo Nalley, or that the female in the video is actually a student, what we can do is confirm that Bo Nalley was once a Criminal Justice professor at the University of Arkansas and that a large population of the female students on Twitter had a crush on him.

Video Here

According to Coed Magazine, university officials have denied that the man in the video is the former University of Arkansas professor in question. Steve Voorhies, the manager of media relations for the university, told The Arkansas Traveler that the professor in question left the school voluntarily in 2014 to pursue a position in law enforcement out of state.University of Arkansas representatives also dismissed the rumors that the video is an encounter with a University of Arkansas professor and a student.
Update–1/26/2016: The Arkansas Traveler posted this update to the story.

Officials denied that a video posted to Twitter depicted a former University of Arkansas professor and a student having séxual intércourse. After receiving a still shot of the video, officials confirmed the person in the video is not the former professor, Bo Nalley, said Anna Zajicek-Wagemann, the University of Arkansas chair of the sociology and criminal justice department.

Nalley left his job at the criminal justice department voluntarily to pursue a career at a police department in another state and was on good terms with the university at the time, said Steve Voorhies, the manager of media relations for University Relations. Nalley left the University of Arkansas in the summer of 2014, Voorhies said.

However, an unknown person released the video on Twitter yesterday. There were some rumors following the video’s release such as Nalley was recently fired and the woman in the video was a student. “We don’t know where these claims are coming from,” Voorhies said. “The séx video is of somebody, but not a former faculty member, that we know of.”

For what it’s worth, the former professor attributed to the video has excellent reviews on Rate My Professor in part we believe because his #1 tag is “Gives Extra Credit.”. Well, maybe except for this one.A quick search on Arkansas’ website reveals that the once-professor’s real name is Nalley, Louis “Bo” T. III – B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Arkansas) and that he was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice. TotalFratMove learned that Bo is no longer employed by University of Arkansas, so it’s now unclear why this video would be released today–over a year and a half after he left the school.

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