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Shakira Pregnant
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Again, was the mother of popstar Shakira

After Milan, Milan’s brother. Shakira became a mother again. Colombian pop star gave birth to a son on Thursday night. Shakira and Piqué. This naksatrayugalera second child. Statement on behalf of their families have been informed, on Thursday night in a hospital in Barcelona Shakira gave birth to son. She gave birth to son smoothly without any complications. Both mother and child are healthy.

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Barcelona is just 4 hours before coming on the examination of the Spanish soccer star PK. Played the full 90 minutes. The victories of the Copa del Rey match against Atletico Barca gets. 7-year-old soccer star, the 37-year-old pop star. In relation to 010. Two years ago, their first child was born in Milan. With their second child. Still not just the name of a small boy. However, Milan, Milan, brother of the FC Barcelona is going to be a member.

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