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My Dress, My Choice"

Nairobi during a protest dubbed “My Dress, My Choice” on November 17, 2014.

You watch that feature of that swarm of sneering neanderthals strip a poor lady and its difficult to process.

It’s really terrifying. How they corner her in that round, and hook at her like creatures and sham her garments, directly down to nothing.

How they brutally attack her, getting at her privates, yanking her legs, dragging her on the ground, scoffing and cheering.

How that swarm of developed men surge forward elbowing one another off the beaten path so they can lay their active her and be considered one of the men who at last “brought sense” into the individuals who dress “improperly.”

What’s more you can hear her, arguing, and whining, slapping without end male hands, shouting, falling, stunning and escaping directly under the control of more men who touch her bosoms and giggle.

Unrefined conduct

Incidentally, the year, incase you are pondering, is 2014. No one strolls around in creature skin any longer. We don’t skewer our supper any longer.

The Internet has been around in excess of two decades. What’s more this is occurring in the city, not some regressive, indigenous town that still rubs stick to make fire.

The men who attacked this lady, who stripped her of all her nobility and self confidence are fathers to girls and to children and are spouses and uncles and beaus.

They are men who have, eventually, met the folks of the individual they are hitched to, or are dating, and have maybe deferentially shaken their hands with both hands.

These are men who remained in chapel, before God, and cross their hearts or sing a song with lowliness in their souls. They are similar to you and me. Truth be told they are us. We work with them.

Toward the end of that difficulty, toward the end of “educating” that poor lady ‘a lesson’ they about-faced to their organizations, and later at night they retreated home, and perhaps conveyed their children, or took a gander at their homework, or identifies with their moms or sisters on telephone; that trial immediately overlooked. It was nothing really.

In any case that lady retreated home, abused, disgraced and totally harmed.

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