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ghanian pastor bath his wife.

Ghanian bath his wife

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I’m just saying, so far, I have chosen not to mention names. However, we do need to be aware of false prophets. They are very plentiful and very deceptive.

I will admit that I used to get rather annoyed when others would omit the names of those we need to avoid, but later realized that I can spot them without being told their names. “How so?” you say. I’m going to tell you … later, but first let’s go here.

All too often Christians may assume that false prophets will have a scowl on their face and angry demonic words dripping from their lips that will be easy to spot. They will say things that only the Biblically stupid would miss. Well … this is often true, but it is also true that many Christians are Biblically stupid. So where does that leave us? Sure, there are those false prophets who are obvious, even to the casual Christ proclaiming Christian, but are they always so obvious?

There are two types of false prophets; i.e.
(1) the “in your face nut case,” and (2) the “sly and wily sweet talker.” The “in your face nut case” is easy to spot, because they will make proclamations that only a lunatic on another planet would buy into. However, the “sly and wily sweet talker” is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking in the weak particles lying around.

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