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Mother Nature in Breastfeeding
Mother Nature in Breastfeeding

Photographer took photos of celebrates breastfeeding mothers for exhibition

Photographer took photos of celebrates breastfeeding mothers for exhibition.

benefits of breastfeeding

A series of images celebrating women breastfeeding their young children has prompted tears of emotion from those who have seen them, says the photographer behind them.

Ivette Ivens, from Chicago, says the shots, which show the women looking ‘pure, beautiful, saintly and celestial’ as they feed their babies and even toddlers, have proved so popular that she will now publish them in a book.

The heavily-styled photographs capture women from across America nursing in many different settings – and in various states of undress.

Feeding time for everyone

Feeding time for everyone: A mother feeds her young child while the family cat nurses her own young

different women feeding

Back to nature: Ivette Ivens, from Chicago, captured a variety of different women feeding their children including many in outdoor settings such as among blossom trees

Theatrical: Toddlers and babies feature in the series including this lady, left, who’s breastfeeding her child against a snowy background. Right, a mother takes to the streets to show a ‘anytime, anywhere’ attitude
The images formed part of an art show by Ivens which took place in Chicago earlier this month.

The show was entitled: ‘I breastfed my toddler: Art that explores the beauty of extended nursing’ and featured everything from mothers feeding in a blossom-filled woodland to a snowy setting and even a busy street scene.

Ivens uses the great outdoors in many of her images to convey the ‘anytime, anywhere’ nature of breastfeeding.

Images included a photo of a woman breastfeeding her child while the family pet nurses her own kittens nearby; a mother nursing her child while standing on a bustling street and a completely naked mother and baby enjoying feeding time at home.

The 25-year-old, who is originally from Lithuania, said: ‘I have seen many happy tears in reaction to my photographs.

‘Mothers always adore these images – but fathers do as well, and I love to see supportive dads.


The photographs claim to show the ‘show the real beauty in breastfeeding’: Ivens says ‘My images show the way each woman feels when she is nursing – pure, beautiful, saintly, celestial’

Although Ivens claims the images ‘show the real beauty in breastfeeding’, a note on her website admits that they are trying to capture an internal feeling rather than the actual reality, which ‘can be messy, uncomfortable, and even painful at times, but the mother’s inner consciousness tells another story.’

The photographer, who specialises in family photography, also takes images of women in pregnancy and young children, often using similarly outdoorsy settings.

Users on Twitter have reacted positively to the collection; user ‏@itsmejmb said: ‘This is beautiful. Photographer unites nursing mothers with Mother Nature in Breastfeeding Goddesses.’

While another, ‏@paalasecor, praised the photographer for focusing on breastfeeding older children: ‘Happy to see Ivette Ivens Photography featured in this article, normalizing breastfeeding toddlers!’

Ivens adds: ‘My images show the way each woman feels when she is nursing – pure, beautiful, saintly, celestial. A powerful miracle. A Breastfeeding Goddess.

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