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taylor swift sex

pop star Taylor Swift Sex Tape Video Leaked

sex Video Leaked taylor swift

It appears as though pop star Taylor Swift has finally had a sex tape video leaked to the Web. As you can see in the video below, a woman who bares a remarkable resemblance to Taylor Swift (most likely Taylor herself) expertly takes a hard one in all 3 of her sinful orifices.This certainly looks like a genuine Taylor Swift sex tape. However, the video’s authenticity is still being verified by an imam who has been watching it repeatedly while locked in his private chambers. Once he emerges he will no doubt request some Kleenex to wipe away the disturbing images from his eyes, and then issue a fatwa against Taylor Swift for this heinous sex tape crime. The photo above looks exactly like Taylor Swift trying to hide her identity in a brunette wig while still getting her kicks from photographing her nearly nude unremarkable body. Of course her tits look a little large in the pic, but that could be attributed to the infidel science of push-up bras. Add to that, the fact that the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and Taylor Swift has been known to eat strawberries, and there is some pretty damning evidence that this is a photo of a topless Taylor Swift. But don’t take my word for it, examine the picture thoroughly for yourself and draw your own conclusions no matter how wrong they are.


The only thing still making me question this picture being of Taylor Swift, is the fact that Taylor Swift would never take a picture like this, and by that I mean that I would expect Taylor Swift’s private pics to be of her fully nude with at least 6 or 7 objects stuffed firmly in her various orifices. What do you think? Is this another Taylor Swift scandalous private pic? After careful examination of this photo, I believe that this is in fact Taylor Swift. The wood paneling on her bedroom walls suggest that she is in some sort of top of the line trailer (possibly a double-wide) which only a hoity-toity country star like Taylor Swift would splurge on.

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