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Russian Model Anastasiya with 41-INCH hips | free celebs nude

A Kim Kardashian lookalike who was told by a modelling agency to lose weight has denied plastic surgery is behind her voluptuous curves. Anastasiya Kvitko, 22, from Russia, who has now moved to Los Angeles, claims it will only be a matter of time before she eclipses the reality TV star Kim, as she believes she has the ‘perfect body’.

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Model Anastasiya – who has  a 37.4-inch bust , 24.8-inch waist, and 41.3-inch hips, puts her success down to defying an edict to lose weight, and insists she has never been under the surgeon’s knife, a claim that is being disputed in her own country.

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Anastasiya, from Kaliningrad, has also criticised mother-of-two Kim, 35, claiming that Kim is ‘far behind’ her when it comes to beautiful derrieres. ‘I like Kim Kardashian but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me,’ said Anastasiya, who now has four millionInstagram followers.

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‘My body is sporty, my hip muscles are trained, my bottom is the most beautiful one, and I have not done any plastic surgeries on my face. ‘And she – everyone knows what she did to her bottom.

‘Now my popularity is growing at a crazy speed, so it is a matter of time when I will be recognised more often than Kim.’ Anastasiya said that she rejected advice from a modelling agency to lose weight and hasn’t looked back since.

anastasiya big boobs

‘My idols are the girls with Brazil-type bodies – Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, (and) Nicki Minaj,’ she said in the Russian media. ‘I like to see bosoms and bottoms, I don’t like over slim girls. ‘But you have to be careful with American girls.

‘They often go through surgeries and pour fat into their bottoms taken from other parts of their bodies. And my body is a natural one. ‘I had just one surgery – my appendix was removed. ‘I am neutral about plastic surgeries, but if someone feels happier with a new bosom or nose, why not?

‘When I was a child I was into athletics, and now I just try to stay fit and go to the gym four times a week. I keep posting full length photos so my fans can see that I look exactly like in my photos  ‘I don’t eat meat and chicken, I avoid fast food and choose a healthy diet. ‘It is not hard to find organic food shops in the US. And I do not use Photoshop. ‘This is what makes me different to many other Instagram celebrities and beauties.

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‘I keep posting full length photos so my fans can see that I look exactly like in my photos.’ However, in Russia, a leading website on plastic surgery Tecrussia.ru has challenged her claim that her body is entirely natural.

‘If you compare Anastasiya’s photographs from some years ago to what we see now, you may come to some other conclusions.’She does not like being compared to Kim, but it is the bum that made Kim popular and it is exactly the same that draws attention to Anastasiya.

‘We doubt the girl’s statements that she achieved it only with the help of physical exercises: in the gym you can only improve the muscles, change the shape of your bottom but you can’t dramatically increase its size.’ Recent pictures show ‘the upper curve of Anastasiya’s bottom has became very distinctive’, it claims.

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‘Such a curve is typical for Latin American or African women and not for Slavonic, and we can’t see anything like this in Anastasiya’s earlier pictures. ‘The visible curve usually comes as a result of putting huge implants or “lypolifting”. ‘Besides, in order to make such a curve you must remove all possible fat from the back. ‘Kardashian did this, as did photo-model Coco Ostin. ‘If Kvitko got the same result with active gym training and a good diet ….the size of her bottom would have gone together with other fat from her waist.

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‘Our conclusion is this: she could not do it without help from a surgeon.’ Patriotically, the site added: ‘Leaving aside plastic surgeries, with the help of sports activities our model looks far more fit and in harmony than Kim.’ Anastasiya has just topped 4 million followers on Instagram, a rise from 2.6 million in April, while Kim is at 81.4 million. Previously the Russian has explained her popularity.

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‘I think it’s because of my feminine forms,’ she said. Her first modelling agency in Russia urged her to lose weight, but she failed to do so. ‘When I was 17 years old, I was noticed by famous fashion photographer Anvar Norov, and after that I liked being a model, and continued on this path,’ she said. ‘Plus, photographers themselves wrote to me, offering to photograph me, looking at my outstanding complexion.’

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She is ready for more fame on Kim Kardashian’s coattails, she said. ‘Yes, of course, since I get a lot of offers from advertisement agencies here in the US, and such great popularity is not far away,’ she said in a previous interview. Her vital statistics are listed as bust 95 cm (37.4 inch), waist 63 cm (24.8 inch), hips 105 cm (41.3 inch). This is in comparison to Kim Kardashian who revealed in June via her Snapchat that she had reached a 26 inch waist.  ‘I am not going to change anything, because I am for being natural. But I don’t look at plastic surgery negatively.

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‘If a person really has shortcomings, they can resort to plastic surgery, if it really makes them happier. ‘I consider myself perfect, and therefore don’t want to change anything.’ She said: ‘I believe that in a modern woman, everything should be perfect. ‘She must be valued and pretty and she must look after her health and appearance, as well as her internal worlds.’ Asked if her shape posed health problems for her, she said: ‘Because I am crazy for sport, I exercise my back, and my whole body, so there are no problems if you strengthen muscles. ‘And also, I sleep on my stomach, people often write to me in comments, how does she sleep on her stomach with such breasts, but it’s easy, it’s what I do. ‘


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