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Sean Stewart Displays Bum at Beach Shoot

As the scion of a pop legend Sean Stewart is a real life playboy with a highly publicized rocky past. But on Monday the hunky reality star teamed up with a real life Playboy playmate for a photoshoot for his Dirty Weekend apparel line. Playmate Daisy Lea managed to captivate the reformed bad boy during the racy session on Malibu beach while wearing two revealing getups. In one sequence, the blonde could be seen pouring a bottle of water over her pert derriere while nothing but a T-shirt and tiny bikini bottoms. While for another photo, 35-year-old Sean got involved in the creative process to make sure the model looked just right. The son of Rod Stewart had the model kneel on the ground while he poured an entire water bottle over her chest, as she wore not bra and only a T-shirt. Later in the shoot the handsome playboy carried a surfboard, clearly making himself a part of the photoshoot.

But there was more fun to be had for the two as they shot on top of a lifeguard tower. Daisy could be seen topless for a moment as she changed into a bikini top that was designed to showcase underboob.  The Playboy model has spoken about the procedures she uses to achieve her enviable figure, telling her 89,000 followers: ‘If you know me, you know I’m not afraid to get anything done, and I’m honest about everything I do get done! (Which is why I’m posting this on Instagram)’ She added: ‘I loved my butt before, but after getting breast implants, I felt my butt looked smaller in comparison to my new chest, so I wanted to pump it up a little and decided to get the ‘No Scalpel Butt Lift’. Meanwhile Sean’s E! reality series Stewarts and Hamiltons was cancelled after only eight episodes last year.  It was not his first stint on reality TV either after he previously starred in TV show Celebrity Rehab. The show helped him overhaul his lifestyle and he said he now is excited about waking up in the morning and heading to boxing class. ‘It’s a total clean slate,’ Sean told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I couldn’t imagine myself getting into anything that was drug-fuelled or alcohol fuelled at this point in my life you know, that’s not even a blip,’ he added.  In 2002, he had a 90 day stint in jail for being outside a nightclub and attacking a man and five years later was denied entry into a LA bash and attacked a couple with a brick.  In 2010, he was also arrested after a traffic violation and had a warrant against him at the time.  ‘The truth is, I’m so over it [that lifestyle], and so beyond it,’ he explained to Daily Mail Australia. ‘It’s been a couple of decades since my life was like that, and it’s so funny now because I wake up in the morning and what excites me, is going to boxing and getting my heart rate up and getting my endorphins going. ‘And then I go and get a juice,’ he said. ‘I’m in such a new chapter in my life where my health and wellness is my main concern. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling healthy.’

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