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US Teacher Stabbed to Death in DUBAI

UAE police seek suspect in killing of US teacher

UAE police seek suspect in killing of US teacher DUBAI: A female American instructor has been wounded to death in the can of an Abu Dhabi shopping center yet police are dubious if the suspected executioner, who was wearing a ...

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Nude Photo With Avril Lavigne Posing

Avril Lavigne seems to show exactly how punk rock she is by posturing bare in the photograph above. Canadians like Avril Lavigne may think it is completely “cool” and “memorable” to show off their bare bodies, however what these savage ...

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Watch Webcam Sex Show Leaked is Kim Kardashian

The feature underneath is purportedly of a webcam sex show Kim Kardashian made for her rapper beau Kanye West while he was on visit Click Here To Watch Video One can not help however think Kim Kardashian could have made ...

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Bare Pictures of Selena Gomez Leaked Online

selena gomez leaks pics

A tumblr client has released an arrangement of naked pictures internet, asserting them to be that of Selena Gomez. The pictures were purportedly stolen from a wireless. The substance of the young lady in the picture can’t be seen however ...

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Kate Upton is practically naked on a horse [VIDEO]

Watch kate upton horse sex

Some creeper took footage of Kate Upton during a photo shoot in which she is practically naked on top of a horse. The model is seen disrobing (literally, she is taking off a robe) before posing on top of the ...

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